Crack Filling

services_crack_fillingCRACK FILLING

Cracks in pavement surfaces must be filled to prevent water
penetration damage. All-Star Asphalt Service uses high quality rubberized crack sealant that forms a resilient and adhesive compound that will seal joints and cracks against the infiltration of moisture. Our crack filler is applied through an oil-jacketed melter, which assures constant liquification and proper breakdown of the product in all temperatures.


The most expensive part of crack sealing is if you need to fill the same crack again.
Routing cracks increases the life of the repair. The additional sealant volume in the routed reservoir allows the sealant to expand and contract effectively while protecting the integrity of the product. Cracks that are routed prior to sealing perform up to three times longer than cracks that were not routed.

The minimal costs associated with routing are more than offset by the added life of the sealant.

THE TESTED BENEFITS OF CRACK FILLING | Contents taken from Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine

  • Of unsealed cracks, 75-80% developed additional cracks
  • Of sealed cracks, 1% developed additional cracks and potholes. Utah DOT
  • For every $1.00 spent on pavement maintenance program – $4 to $10 was saved in rehabilitation. Montana DOT